Do you have painful Corns?


Corns are mainly round areas of thickened hard skin that appear on your heels, ball of your foot, or on and between your toes.  They are often caused by abnormal pressure to your foot and it is your body's way of protecting that area. It could be due to poorly fitting shoes, the structure of your foot, or the way you walk even that causes these to occur.

There are three main types of corn that can occur on your foot.

  1. Hard Corns will often feel like there is a stone pressing on your foot and will feel most uncomfortable when direct pressure is applied to them.

  2. Soft Corns mainly occur between your toes and are often caused by your toes rubbing against each other. They will look white and rubbery due to the area between your toes being more moist.

  3. Seed corns look like small seed shaped areas of hard skin and can often be found on your feet where the skin is dryer.  

Persistent and regular treatment of your corns will help to stop them forming and causing you pain.