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What to expect when you have your toenails cut

Standard Treatment

Your feet will be assessed by a Foot Health Professional and any issues will be highlighted to give you the best advice to help with your foot care. Your feet will receive the care and attention they need to make them look and feel better.

Top Tips for Safe Foot Care

Your toenails usually need cutting every 4 to 8 weeks.

Hard skin and corns need regular attention to keep your feet healthy and pain free.

Paddle filing your feet makes them nice and smooth and applying a good foot cream afterwards keeps the skin nice and supple.


Don't struggle to do your feet yourself, cutting your toenails incorrectly can cause infection.

At the Clinic you can have beautiful nail colours applied to your nails or have a foot massage after your appointment to make you feel better.


If you feel you need help and advice on your feet please contact The Happy Foot Clinic.

Let me help you to look after your feet better

A visit to the clinic will see you and your feet taken care of in a Dedicated, Friendly and Comfortable environment.

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