Do you have sore itchy skin on your feet or between your toes? Or are your nails really thickened?


Athlete's Foot and Fungal Nail are simply a fungus that has caused your skin/nail to become infected.  

If your nails are affected chances are it is the skin underneath that has become infected causing your nail to become thickened and discoloured.  If you don't treat it can result in you loosing the nail completely. Fungal infections of the nail are the most common cause of thickening of the nail, although some systemic illnesses can also affect the nail thickness.

In your skin it will cause scaling, flaking and itchiness. Between the toes your skin can appear white, moist and may even split.  On the sole of your foot the skin may look dry with small dark blisters or red with dry white flaky edges. If left it can become really sore and itchy and prone to infection when the skin starts to split.  

Both conditions should be treated as soon as possible. Learn about  how The Lacuna Method for fungal nails can help you in the Services tab.