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Ingrowing toenails

Are ingrowing toenails causing you pain?

Any nail that cuts into the flesh along the edge of your nail is ingrowing. 

If you leave it, it can become seriously infected simply because your nail will continue to grow.  

What causes ingrowing toenails?

Ingrowing toenails can be caused by pressure from your shoes being too tight around the toe area or even from how you walk. It is common for people that wear Steel Toe Cap boots to suffer from this condition.  
An abnormal nail shape can also cause your nail to cut into the skin.  


Another common cause of Ingrowing Toenails is cutting your toe nails incorrectly. If you find you have pain from your nails digging into the skin it is wise to get professional help and have your nails cut correctly before you get a nasty infection.

Having a Pedisafe medical nail reconstruction can help some ingrowing toenail issues by encouraging the nail to grow correctly.  Learn more about Pedisafe in the Services tab.

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Are your toenails causing you pain?

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