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For Better looking Feet call

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Are your nails damaged or growing incorrectly?

Pedisafe Medical Nail Reconstruction

Standard nail reconstruction techniques offered by nail salons are not suitable for some conditions of the nail. Have the gold standard of care at the clinic so your feet and nails look their best.

Pedisafe Medical Nail Reconstruction

Are you conscious of how your nails look? Whether you are going holiday, want nicer nails during the summer months or for a special occasion, then Pedisafe is for you. 


Pedisafe is the only treatment you should consider for existing fungal nail infection, damaged nails or if you have had a full or partial nail removal. 


Pedisafe is a specialised treatment specifically designed for problems with your nails. It can be used in conjunction with treatments for fungal nails and and can also help certain types of ingrowing toenail to grow correctly again.


If you feel you need help and advice on your feet please contact The Happy Foot Clinic.

Let me help you to look after your feet better

A visit to the clinic will see you and your feet taken care of in a Dedicated, Friendly and Comfortable environment.

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