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Are you embarrassed by Fungal Nails?

Try the Lacuna Method for targeted results

You will always be given the best advice on how to treat your fungal nails and there are options available for you. Topical solutions do not always get to where the problem is and not everyone is suitable to have oral medications.

Getting the best treatment for your Fungal Nails

The site of the fungal infection is not the nail itself, it is underneath it and this is why getting standard topical solutions to work is hard. 


Tiny holes are drilled in the nail plate using a method known as fenestration - don't worry it is perfectly safe and is not painful. 


Lamisil spray can then penetrate under the nail plate and treat the infection at source.  You'll find the results using this treatment are spectacular. 


Want to be absolutely certain it is a fungal nail? You can have the 5minuteFungalNail test at the clinic, to give 97% accurate results in 5 minutes.


If you feel you need help and advice on your feet please contact The Happy Foot Clinic.

Let me help you to look after your feet better

A visit to the clinic will see you and your feet taken care of in a Dedicated, Friendly and Comfortable environment.

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