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For Better  looking Feet call

0116 348 2607


If you feel you need help and advice on your feet please contact The Happy Foot Clinic.


Competitive Pricing

Outstanding Service

You will receive the best treatment and help from your own Professional Practitioner at competitive prices reflecting years of experience and practice.

Come & get Pampered

A Truly Great Experience

A visit to the clinic will see you and your feet taken care of in a Dedicated, Friendly and Comfortable environment.

Standard Treatment

For years, patients like you have depended on me to provide you with this valuable service. A Standard Treatment will mainly take place regularly at The Happy Foot Clinic on a 4 to 8 week cycle (although limited home visits are available). It offers nail cutting, helping to remove your hard skin and corns, paddle filing your feet and general foot health advice as required by your health and needs. At The Happy Foot Clinic we are dedicated to building a long-lasting relationship with you based on trust and good professional practice. 

You can Upgrade to have some Dr.'s Remedy Enriched Nail Polish applied, which is the perfect way to make your nails ready for a night out or special occasion.


Lacuna Method for Fungal Nail

The Lacuna Method is the revolutionary way to treat your fungal nails and will give you the best results.  The reason for this is that it is the skin under your nail that is the site of the fungal infection not the nail itself.  The Lacuna Method involves using specialised equipment to drill tiny holes in the nail plate using a method known as fenestration - don't worry it is perfectly safe and is not painful.  Lamisil spray can then penetrate under the nail plate and treat the infection at source.  You'll find the results using this treatment are spectacular. 

Want to be absolutely certain that it is a fungal nail? You can have the 5minuteFungalNail test at the clinic, which gives you 97% accurate results in 5 minutes.


Pamper Your Feet

Do you ever feel stressed or that you need some time for yourself? The Happy Foot Clinic is proud to offer you a Pamper Your Feet Session that this is all about you. A diffuser will fill the room with the scent you choose from a range of DoTerra natural oils to help create a relaxing atmosphere. You will have a truly wonderful experience that will involve a warm foot soak then foot massage personalised to you using a DoTerra natural oil you choose with a Grapeseed massage oil.  After this an application of Dr.'s Remedy Nail polish, which is Vegan approved and does not contain any harsh chemicals will give your nails a beautiful colour.  To finish you will have The Happy Foot Clinic's own scented Cuticle Oil that contains 100% natural grapeseed oil applied to your nails.

Mani Pedi

Pedisafe Medical Nail Reconstruction

Are you conscious of how your nails look? Whether you are going holiday, want nicer nails during the summer months or getting married, then Pedisafe is for you. 


Pedisafe is for you even if you have an existing fungal nail infection, a nail that has been damaged in some way, or have had a full or partial nail removal. Pedisafe means you can  have better looking nails now. Pedisafe is not the type of thing that you get from going to a nail bar or beauty salon and they should not be offering to do your nails if they are severely damaged or have a fungal infection.


Pedisafe is a specialised treatment specifically designed for nail dystrophies. Pedisafe can safely be used in conjunction with the Lacuna Method for fungal nails and means you can have pretty nails during your treatment. Pedisafe can also help certain types of ingrowing toenail to grow correctly.

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