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Simple tips to help you deal with Athletes Foot.

As a qualified Foot Health Practitioner at the Happy Foot Clinic in Glenfield, I am aware of the problems you may suffer with from having a fungal infection on your feet. It is important to keep your feet healthy and happy and fungal free.


Athletes Foot (tinea pedis) is a common and well-known condition many of you will have suffered or be suffering from.

It is caused by a group of fungi called dermatophytes which live naturally on your skin.

Your feet provide a nice warm, dark, and humid environment for the fungi to grow in and if given the right environment in which to multiply it can cause an itchy red rash in the

spaces between your toes and the skin may become scaly, flaky, and dry also.

It can spread easily from person to person and is more common in men and teenagers possibly because they wear more closed footwear.

Often people who play sport more are affected because the infection is easily spread though communal areas from contaminated towels, clothing, or surfaces and in warm, humid places such as showers, swimming pools and changing rooms.

Sport and exercise can also make your feet warmer and more moist than usual particularly when doing more vigorous exercise such as running for instance. Tight-fitting trainers and wearing the same footwear daily which causes your feet to sweat more will also present the ideal environment which encourages fungi to grow.

Fortunately, Athletes Foot is easily treated with over-the-counter remedies containing anti-fungal medication to kill the infection.

Creams, powders, and sprays are easily used and obtained from chemists and larger supermarkets. Choose the remedy which will most easily form a part of your daily routine.

A very severe infection may need a visit to your local GP for some tablets, but these cases are very rare, and most people will be able to manage the condition themselves.

Keep your feet as clean and dry as possible and make sure you pay particular attention when drying between your toes and make sure you keep your towels, footwear, and wear clean socks daily.

Rotate your footwear if your feet get hot and sweaty easily and make sure you use and anti-bacterial spray in your footwear to keep infections at bay or if you have a current fungal infection use anti-fungal spray or powder in your footwear.

If you a regular visitor to the gym, consider using an anti-bacterial spray or gel on your feet. Hand sanitiser may help because alcohol-based ones are drying.

Rub some on your feet to help prevent any infection getting on your feet. (This is a good habit to get into because it may help verruca infections also). I advocate the use of dōTERRA On Guard purifying mist because it uses natural ingredients and has a nice smell also.

Remember Foot Health Practitioners are always there to give professional advice and treatment. Your feet are important and looking after them is worthwhile.

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